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I shared this blog post on The Dote Blog I wish I could say I came up with this BRILLIANT idea of salads in a jar….but I can share with you some awesome recipes! I woke up this morning (Monday) thinking to myself WHY didn’t I make my salads in a jar yesterday so I wouldn’t have to make lunches all week?! They are seriously a dream!  These make my life so much more convenient- not to mention ensures I have a healthy balanced lunch! Let’s all start the school year off in a healthy way!

Salad in a Jar 101

Rule #1: Dressing at the bottom, greens at the top. Make sure they are as FAR away from each other as possible so they stay crisp and fresh!

First things first (I’m the realest)

Add the dressing, vinaigrette or olive oil to your 1 pint mason jar. I use 1-3 tablespoons, depending on the dressing { If it’s oil-based, 1 tablespoon is enough } You’ll be keeping your jar upright and this will keep the dressing from touching the veggies and making them soggy.

 Chop chop!

Add your harder veggies and beans; like carrots, radishes, onions and chickpeas, jicama. Then layer your other veggies; like zucchini, cherry tomatoes, celery, bell pepper, mushrooms, bean sprouts, and cucumber.

On to the Next one…

Greens! This should take up about 1/2 of your jar. Make sure your greens are dry & pack them down tight so you can fit more in. Mix up your green choices for some variety {romaine, kale, arugula and spinach.}

Pack it up pack it in

Pack in the protein, now. Top the greens with your choice of protein. Some of my go to’s are: grilled or ground chicken or turkey, sauteed tofu, canned tuna, diced boiled egg, quinoa. You will also add your fats with the protein- these healthy fats will keep you satisfied throughout the day! Add some nuts, seeds, hummus & avocado. I like to take my avocado separate so it stays fresher and doesn’t brown. If you decide to add the avocado to your jar, top with a lime slice or some lemon juice.

Shake it ‘up’ Shake it ‘up’

When you’re ready to eat, shake it up! Eat your salad straight out of the jar or pour it into a big bowl. I pack things pretty tight with tons of veggies in my jar, but when I shake it up, the dressing is still able to coat all of the veggies. I prefer eating it out of a bowl so I can mix everything up rather than eating it in layers.


  • Add your nuts & cheese last so they don’t get soggy
  • If I’m adding onions, I like to add them first. Soaking them in the dressing helps dilute the strong onion taste ( prevents onion breath at work…)
  • Another option is to add items that will soak up the dressing as your second layer- Cooked grains, tofu, meats, mushrooms—anything that is spongy and will soak up the dressing as the jar sits in the fridge.
  • The salads can last up to 10 days in the fridge!
  • Really jam-pack the jars to help keep things from shifting and moving around. It should almost pop out in your face when you open that jar!  BONUS: the less air in the jar- the longer it will stay fresh!
  • If the salad isn’t enough- bring another pint size jar of soup
  • Try to keep the ratio of each jar about half-and-half—half toppings, dressing, grains, proteins and half greens.
  • If I am worried my salad will have too much dressing- I bring a little bag of extra greens with me to soak it up.
  • If you are adding fruit, add it just before the greens

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Asian Chicken Salad

Use 2 tbsp. Carrot Ginger Dressing {from Costco}

Carrots, chopped or shredded (if shredded add in with the greens)


Bean Sprouts

Red & green cabbage

Chicken with Chinese 5 Spice

Mandarin oranges

Slivered almonds

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Cobb Salad with Peach Infused Vinaigrette

Use 1 tbsp. Dressing {Peach infused white wine vinegar, avocado oil, sea salt}

Red, orange & yellow peppers


Red onions


Boiled egg

Sunflower seeds


Blueberries (optional)

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Fall Salad

Use 1.5 tbsp. Maple Dijon Vinaigrette {maple syrup, Dijon mustard, whole grain mustard, sea salt, }

Yellow & orange peppers

Cherry tomatoes


Baked Cubed Sweet potatoes


Roasted red peppers

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Pesto Besto

Use 1.5 tbsp. Pesto dressing { pesto, olive oil, }

Cherry tomatoes




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Cabbage Salad

Use 3 tbsp. Vinaigrette { 1/2 c olive oil, 1/4 c white vinegar, 1 tsp honey, 1 tbsp chicken stock, pepper to taste}

Green & red cabbage

Toasted sunflower seeds & almond slices

*if you aren’t gluten free you can add toasted ichiban noodles

xo erin


Simple Sauerkraut


I have been wanting to make sauerkraut FOREVER and finally did it! My friend Maria has the most beautiful kitchen and all the ingredients in her pantry are to die for! I’m like a kid in a candy shop when I see pantries like hers. Literally it would be my dream to go into the Master Chef kitchen pantry!


1 head cabbage

2 carrots

1 tbsp pink Himalayan salt

1 tbsp Braggs Organic Sea Kelp Delight


1. Remove outer leaves of cabbage and set aside. Finely chop your cabbage and grate your carrots in a food processor.

2. Add all your veggies to a large bowl and massage till cabbage is almost clear and there is lots of liquid at the bottom.

3. Place cabbage and carrots into mason jar and pack down tightly. Cover with your liquid. Place your cabbage leaves on top of of everything and screw on lid tightly.

4. Leave on your counter for 7- 10 days. Place a container under the jar because it will leak. Open your jar once a day then screw the lid back on.

Happy fermenting!

xo erin

The Best Fish Tacos of All Time

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Me and my friend Aaron love to cook together. Girl Erin and boy Aaron.

We both have similar dietary restrictions so its fun to find new recipes and try them together. I introduced him to the plantain taco shell and he introduced me to this amazing fish taco recipe! Together they were AMAZING! Together we make amazing meals!

Plantain Taco adapted from Whole New Mom blog


3 ripe plantains

1/2 c avocado oil

1.5 tsp hot sauce

1 tsp garlic salt

1/2 tsp onion salt

1/2 lime, juiced


1. Pre heat oven to 300F

2. Combine all ingredients in your food processor or blender until smooth.

3. On parchment lined baking sheet pour plantain mixture, spread it out with a spoon or spatula to what ever size shells you would like- I like to make smaller sized shells (around the size of my hand) It should be about 1/4 of an inch thick.

4. Bake for about 25 minutes- until they are firm but flexible. Remove from over and let the shells slightly cool.

5. Hang shells from the oven rack and cook for another 10-12 minutes. It may need longer but you want to watch them very closely so they do not burn!! This will help the taco shells have a bit more form and crisp up a bit.

6. Remove shells from over and open them up a bit so as they cool they will keep their open shape- this will make them easier to fill.

While the tacos are cooking cook your fish and prepare the fillers….


1 lbs of firm white fish

1/2 lime, juiced

1 garlic clove, minced

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp chili powder

1 tbsp olive oil

sea salt & pepper


1/2 head of red cabbage

1/2 red onion, sliced

1/3 cup cilantro, coarsely chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 lime, juices

sea salt & pepper


1. Place fish in a baking dish. Pour lime juice, sprinkle spices and add 1 tbsp of the oil to the dish. Flip fish over to coat both sides. Set aside to marinate for 20 minutes.

2. While fish is marinating make the slaw. Combine cabbage, onion, cilantro, 1 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper in bowl. Pour lime juice over the slaw, mix and set aside.

3. In a frying pan with a bit of olive oil cook the fish on med- high heat for a couple minutes on each side. It is okay if the fish falls apart. Transfer cooked fish to a plate.

4. At this point you may need to add a bit more salt and pepper or lime juice to your slaw.

Recipe for the best guacamole!

Fill your taco shells with fish, slaw, guar and enjoy with a nice glass of lime water!

xo erin