Welcome to Erin’s Incredible Edibles – a blog where I record all the recipes I create or adapt to navigate life with extreme dietary sensitivities.

I discovered I was lactose intolerant in high school and just after college I found out I was also gluten intolerant.  Even after cutting these both out of my diet, I still seemed to have a lot of digestive issues. I decided to take it upon myself to determine what my body agreed with.   Today I can say after much trial and error, my digestive issues are under control.

It’s important to remember, the struggle with dietary restrictions is different for everyone, as are the solutions. Everyone’s body is different. You need to find out what works best for YOU.  Just because it works for someone else, does not mean it will work for you. Your body will let YOU know how it feels and you need to listen to what it’s telling you!

I hope you enjoy my site and use my recipes in your own homes! Let’s continue this journey together!

Thanks for stopping by!

XO Erin