Potato Salad

photo 3-3

A throw back cause its Thursday- to my families Israeli feast we had last Christmas! My moms cousin taught me how to make a legit meal that they would eat in Israel! I know this potato salad doesn’t look the most appetizing…. But it will go down in the books! I love that it is packed with veggies!


4 potatoes

3 large carrots

4 eggs

5 garlic pickles

2 tbsp homemade mayo

Salt & pepper


1. In a pot boil potatoes, carrots, eggs until potatoes and soft but not too mushy like you would have them for mashed potatoes ( you want to be able to cut them into cubes.) the carrots will most likely cook faster than the potatoes so remove them from pot once they are a bit soft.
2. Peal your carrots and potatoes.  Cube potatoes and carrots and slice up the eggs and place them in a large bowl.
3. Add garlic pickles, 2 tbsp homemade mayo however much you like to coat salad, salt and pepper.

xo erin


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