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Sometimes I feel alone, because it seems like everyone who uses essential oils are moms! Even though I’m not a mom right now, and my biggest dream is to have kids, as a single person I derive many benefits from the use of essential oils.

You might be interested to know that dōTERRA’s products aren’t evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and cannot claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, I can share my personal experiences with the oils and the many ways they have helped me!

As I mentioned, it seems as though most dōTERRA users are moms. Most of the posts I see on blogs and Instagram are about how moms use the oils to help their kids. There are so many mom’s out there that are so grateful for natural solutions and feel empowered as they use dōTERRA essential oils and see results.  I also feel empowered when I find solutions for my own ailments or can provide help through the oils for my family and friends!

I’ve decided to share my story and some of my experiences with the oils to all you single people out there and for those mothers-to-be. I mean lets be real for a second- are kids the only ones that need healing? No way! We ALL can benefit from Essential Oils!

unnamed (2)I do believe in western medicine; we need it, and I have been helped a lot from it – but I have had first hand experiences, or miracles you could say, with essential oils. I believe they can not only help with a lot of different ailments, but I also know there are a lot of ways we can use them in a preventative way.  It was about 2 years ago when I started my essential oils journey. I was suffering from severe back pain. There was nothing I could do to relieve it and coughing, sneezing even laughing made it worse! (laughing…how sad is that?!) I was starting to get a cold and was TERRIFIED! How would I endure the pain if I was coughing all the time. A friend of mine offered me a sample of dōTERRA’s ‘On Guard’ and told me to put a couple drops under my tongue every day when I felt a cold coming on. I was skeptical at first, but was willing to try anything! I am SO happy she shared this with me! I never ended up getting sick and I haven’t had a cold since! Everyone’s body is made up differently so this might not be the case for everyone but for me, I  swear by it.

My dad is another success story. He was feeling like he was getting sick one day several months ago. He said his colds always follow the same pattern for him. First he would feel a little run down, then get a sore throat for a day, then he would always have a very runny nose for a day or two and be congested and stuffed up for a week or so before he felt good again. He told me that one morning he noticed he had a sore throat and just knew because he was feeling such a lack of energy that a cold was coming on. He took a couple of drops of On Guard just before he drove to work and he noticed a kind of burning, tingling sensation in his throat. He thought, ‘Oh well, it must be too late to have taken the oil.’ To his surprise though, by the end of the afternoon he had all his energy back and he had no more cold symptoms. He continued to take a few drops of On Guard a few times a day for a few days. To his surprise, the cold never came. He hasn’t had a cold for many months and uses On Guard whenever he starts to feel run down. He said he has always had a few bad colds a year, but doesn’t get them anymore.

I’ll admit it… I’m typically a trend follower. But if I’m being super honest, that wasn’t my reason when I started using the oils and I can honestly say that the oils are not a trend! I guess you could say they are ‘trendy’ right now, but I believe that they will be around FOREVER. Will we ever stop needing medicine? No, but think about it… what did people use before we had synthetic medication? Natural medicine! Essential Oils are medicine, only they are natural medicine.

unnamed (15)Oils are powerful tools. They need to be taken and used safely. I love teaching others how to use them and how to use them safely and effectively.  Let me tell you why I chose to use dōTERRA essential oils. I used to buy my oils from the health food store… because health food stores means things are safe and typically organic, right? There are many different grades of essential oils- synthetic grade, food grade, therapeutic grade and Certified Pure Therapeutic grade.  I have since learned that because oils don’t have to be regulated, even if a bottle says 100% pure only ONE drop of that oil has to be organic for the manufacture to claim they are pure; which means, it can be diluted or contain other oils, pesticides – you name it! Scary huh?! You may be putting lavender on a burn to help sooth it, but it could be causing more harm than good. This totally freaked me out- and I think it should freak anyone out! I feel safe and confident saying that dōTERRA’s oils are 100%. The testing processes that dōTERRA goes through makes sure that the oils are both pure (extracts contain only the volatile aromatic compounds of a plant), and potent (extracts have consistent chemical make up from batch to batch). They do 5 different types of testing and it is out-sourced to ensure an objective testing process. dōTERRA gets their oils from plants where they are indigenously grown- for example lavender comes from France, and that is where they get it from, It helps to know the sources of the oils have  been grown in the best climate, soil and conditions for the plant.

photo 1 (3)Another thing that I think is really cool about dōTERRA is the education you can receive and all the resources that are available! If I were to just buy essential oils from a store, I would just have to figure things out for myself and wouldn’t have any one to turn to if I had questions. I love the way dōTERRA is set up because there are so many people around me to teach me and to ask questions! I love that there is such a good support system!

{SORE MUSCLES: Deep Blue Rub or oil rubbed on problem area}

This may sound silly, but I like to compare using essential oils to working out: if you want to get into shape and only go to the gym once a week, ‘it ain’t gonna happen.’ Just like with the oils, if you only use them once a week you probably aren’t going to notice a huge difference. There are some oils that can help quickly, but using the oils is something that needs to become a habit, which will in return have positive consequences!

 Following the healthy practices of eating right, exercising, resting and managing stress, and being proactive about our medical care, in addition to regular use of dōTERRA’s wellness products, I believe can  help each of us live a longer and healthier life.

Email me to learn more about the promo going on this month (the BEST of the year in my opinion!) Order a oils starter kit and you will get a wholesale membership, $50 product credit AND a bottle of Terrasheild – all for FREE!

unnamed (6)

CLEANSING: Lemon oil in my water right when I wake up

unnamed (14)

FIRST DATE: Serenity & balance for calmness

photo 1 (1)

LONG EYELASHES: Lavender in my mascara

unnamed (1)

LONG HEALTHY HAIR: Lavender, Rosemary & Cedarwood in my shampoo along with the Life Long Vitality Vitamins (LLV)


WHITER TEETH: On guard whitening toothpaste #nofilter

unnamed (10)

GLOWING SKIN: Coconut oil & a drop of Frankincense

unnamed (8)

ANXIETY: Self diffuse Citrus Bliss

unnamed (13)

BEAUTY SLEEP: Cedarwood rubbed on the bottom of my feet

unnamed (12)

BREATH FRESHENER: peppermint beadlets

unnamed (9)

ACNE: HD Clear on problem spots

unnamed (11)

CRAMPS: Clary sage rolled onto area of cramps

unnamed (7)

YOGA: diffuse Balance for grounding, soothing and balancing

photo 1-14

CRAVINGS: 2 drops of fennel under your tongue

xo erin


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