doTERRA Essential Oils

You may or may not know that I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. My journey with essential oils began almost 2 years ago.  At the time I had 2 herniated disks that were causing me to have chronic pain. I was in pain constantly, but if I were to sneeze, cough or even laugh it was almost unbearable! I was starting to get a cold and was so worried because I didn’t know how I would handle it if I were sneezing and coughing all of the time. This was when my friend introduced the oils to me. She gave me a sample of On Guard and told me to put a couple drops under my tongue a couple times a day as soon as I felt like I was getting a bit sick. I started right away and I can tell you that I haven’t gotten a cold SINCE! Now- this will not be the case for everyone because everyones body is made up differently. Essential oils do not prevent, cure or treat disease, but they are a natural solution that we can use to help our bodies heal itself! I wanted to keep learning more to find other solutions to different ailments I have and I now have many success stories!

What I love about doTERRA essentials oils is the quality and the pureness.  There are many different grades and types of essential oils. What I love about doterra is that they are 100% pure, safe and are a very high grade. Doterra gets there oils from plants where they are indigenously grown- Lavender comes from France, so you know it was grown in the best climate, soil and conditions for that plant. They do lots of testing on their oils and even have the testing done by other people outside of the company so you know it is legit. You can buy therapeutic grade oils in the health food store and they may say 100% pure however, ONLY 1 drop has to be organic for them to claim that! The rest can be diluted with other oils and who knows what else. This is scary to me! Doterra has started putting bar codes on their bottles so you can even track the batch it came from to  see if it is 100% pure!

When I first started using my oils I didn’t know there were different “types” of people who use doTERRA. I came to learn that there are users, sharers and builders. I was a ‘user’ for a year before my friend approached me about sharing the oils and starting it as a business. I have NEVER been one who was wanted to sell things before and have turned down opportunities however I felt really good about doTERRA. I truly believe in the product!! For me it isn’t about the money- I get super excited when I hear success stories of people using their oils and am continually wanting to help people find natural solutions to their ailments before having to go to the doctor. My passion lies in helping others and teaching other about the oils! The bonus is that my oils are paid for and I will eventually be able to supplement my income and have so much more financial freedom!

All 3 types of people in doTERRA are important! If you are interested in learning about the oils to use them on yourself or your family and would like to get the best price, if you are passionate about natural health and could see yourself sharing the oils with others to get your oils for free each month and finally if you would like to join the oilRN team as an educator to supplement/replace your income by growing a doTERRA business ( This position includes the mentoring and training necessary to be prepared to educate others on how they can implement natural healthcare into their own homes) or even if you wish to use the oils, do not hesitate to contact me! I would LOVE to be able to teach you what I know and provide you with different resources to help you on your journey to natural health!

xo erin

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