We are ALL Good at Something


Sometimes it’s hard for me to see my own talents.

I am very good at comparing myself to others and admiring all of the talents that they have! Admiring peoples talents doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it is important that we recognize our OWN talents! Instead of sitting back and wishing we could be as good at painting or playing sports or whatever it may be as our friends and peers, get out there, learn something and practice it! That’s not saying we will be good at everything…. If sports aren’t your thing, find something else you enjoy and continually improve at!

This being said talents don’t always have to be activities or showy things that people see, they can be things like giving, being friendly, organization, reading people, confidence, you name it!

A couple of my talents:

It’s obvious one of my talents is eating…….. 😉

Making any recipe gluten free

Living a Healthy life

Talking with seniors


Making popcorn



Teaching classes about Essential Oils

Playing Dutch Blitz


Make a list of 10 things today that YOU are talented at!

xo erin


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