Homemade Peeps

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I’ve never been a huge fan of Peeps…because they are too sweet! But I wanted to make a fun Easter treat this year soo I thought I would try to make my own Peeps and see how they turned out!

For next time…. I will DEFINITELY invest in a candy thermometer… I used the old fashioned trick of dropping a bit of the syrup into a cup of cold water but I may have over cooked the marshmallow a bit!  ALSO use a generous amount of arrowroot starch to line your tray or whatever mold you are using- mine were a bit tricky to get out!


I got my bunny molds from Michael’s this weekend! They are also great for making chocolates! I used my raw chocolate recipe and even added some Cinnamon Essential oils to some of the chocolates!

Check out The Urban Poser’s blog for the marshmallow recipe!

I used Activz Strawberry powder to the ‘sugar’ coating of the Peeps.

Happy Easter! xo erin


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