Bigger Isn’t Always Better


I love it when I cut open an avocado and the pit is just this tiny thing! Because… more avocado!!

I am not expert but I like to read and learn new things about food and nutrition.

The Facts:

– Contains more potassium than bananas (more than twice the amount)

– Avocados are a fruit

– Good Fat- mono saturated fat (Eat fat to burn fat! …as long as it’s the good kind of fat!)

– Helps lower cholesterol

– Contains compounds that appear to inhibit cancer cells

-Loaded with fiber (which can help you loose weight because you will get full faster..therefore eat less)

-Anti- inflammatory

– Contains Vitamin K,E,C & B


Avocado Tips:

FIrst things first DON’t cut open your unripened (hard) avocado. It won’t continue to ripen. Also don’t refrigerate your unripened avocados because they will stay hard! When they start to become a bit soft you can refrigerate to keep them longer.

If you want them to ripen faster, place them in a paper bag. This will trap he ethylene gas they produce to help them ripen. The skin gets darker as they ripen and they become softer. Add a tomato, apple or banana to the bag to ripen even faster! ( more ethylene gas!)

If you don’t use the whole avocado at once. don’t let air touch the exposed parts. Keep the pit in the avocado and wrap tightly with saran wrap to prevent browning.

How to get more avocado into your diet:

– Use a fat replacement in baking (when it calls for oil, butter, shortening you can use equal amounts avocado)

– In smoothies replace banana for avocado- you can’t beat the creaminess and its less sugar!

– Add to salads, sandwiches, soups, stir fry

– Homemade Ice cream

-Eat with everything – I seriously eat avocado with almost everything!

– Use with egg or chicken salad to replace the mayo

xo erin


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