The Truth about Cinnamon


All this time I have been dumping tons of cinnamon on my food thinking ‘Oh this is soo good for me!!’ ….but after some reading and chatting with a friend this hasn’t necessarily been the case!

YES! Cinnamon does have many health benefits

– regulates blood sugar

-may cut the risk of heart disease

-helps with digestion

-reduces cold and flu effects

-decrease inflammation

Cinnamon and cassia are not obtained from the same plant. The ‘true’ cinnamon is called Ceylon Cinnamon. The Cassia variety contains a compound called coumarin, which is believed to be harmful in large doses and can be harmful to your liver and your nervous system in large doses. Ceylon cinnamon does contain small amounts of naturally occurring coumarin, but not at the level that could cause health risks.

The unfortunate part- cinnamon found in your local grocery stores is MUCH cheaper than the Cassia version. You can find Ceylon cinnamon at your local health food stores.

When using cinnamon occasionally in your diet, it is not likely that you will cause your body much damage from using Cassia. However, if you are a cinnamon lover like myself and eat it in large amounts, it is recommended that you get the Ceylon cinnamon. Weather you are choosing to  buy Cassia or Ceylon it is always best to get organic!

Here is a great article explaining more about the health benefits and potentials risk of cinnamon.

I got my first jar of ‘True cinnamon’ from a local Health Food Store The Light Cellar but you will be able to purchase it at any local health food store.

xo erin


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