Cleanse Complete

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I DID it!! I completed The Freshman Cleanse. You could say I’m a ‘Freshman’ graduate.

I`m feeling great! This was exactly what my body needed- a little reset! I was starting to feel like I had an unhealthy relationship with food, as well as eating when I was bored or eating just to eat. Doing this cleanse helped me re-focus and realize I just need to give my body what it needs. When I eat too much sugar, or too much in general my mind isn`t as clear. The Freshman Cleanse was a nice reminder to eat when I am hungry- or in this case drink when you are hungry seeing as you drink your juices at certain times. Another bonus- since Christmas I have had this crazy sugar addiction and I felt like this cleanse helped kick it in the butt!

Just a few things…

I surprisingly was never hungry!

I luckily didn’t experience any headaches… might have been because I drank tons of water.

I have clearer skin.

I felt lighter even though I didn`t loose weight.

There is just something about chewing that I missed- sometimes I chewed on a bottle cap to keep my mouth occupied.

I was super excited for breakfast this morning- I`m not going to lie! But I am glad I did it and thanks to Juice Because we are doing a GIVEAWAY so someone can try this amazing cleanse!!

The rules….

1. Follow myself (@incredible_edibles) and Juice Because (@juicebecauseyyc)  on Instagram

2. On the photo I posted on Instagram -tag a friend in the comments, the more friends you tag the more entries you will get! Make sure each tag is on a separate line.

3. For an extra entry, repost the Instagram photo with the hashtag #juicebecause

photo 2 (3)

GOOD LUCK!! I’m super excited for the winner

Xo erin


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