Freshman Cleanse

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Juice Because said it best – Why Clean(se)

“It is unreasonable to think that we always make the best choices for the health and well being of our bodies. Finding balance is difficult and most of us have busy, stressful lives, we don’t always take the time to eat health supporting nutritious foods, and we are all exposed to a heavy load of toxins and pollution from living in an industrial world. Our bodies take a lot of abuse so it’s important, from time to time, to take a break from toxins and be kind to our body mind and spirit. Doing a gentle cleanse incorporating health promoting juices is a great way to re-set and detoxify; giving your body a much needed break. Re-setting and detoxifying our bodies allows digestion and metabolism to function more optimally, which promotes increased nutrient absorption and allows for an increase in energy and vitality. Ridding our bodies of toxins is essential to our health.“

After a long weekend in Utah visiting friends, family, and over-eating and indulging way more than anyone should!, today is the perfect day to start this cleanse! I am super excited about it! I have done a juicing cleanse once before and truly felt great! It was hard, but if its something you want to do, then it is totally doable! Follow me the next couple days on my juicing journey 🙂

stay fresh – xo erin


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