|| chunky monkey stuffed french toast ||

1 egg

coconut milk
sea salt
peanut butter
2 slices of bread ( i used silver hills gluten free bread)
coconut oil or butter


1. in a shallow baking disk whis together egg, coconut milk, lots of cinnamon, molasses, vanilla & sea salt.
2. now its time to ‘stuff’ your French toast, which essentially means making a peanut butter, honey & banana sandwich. spread peanut butter on both sides of bread, drizzle honey on top and add sliced bananas. 
3. add sandwich to the custard mixture in baking dish and let soak for a minute on each side.
4. while the bread is soaking, add some butter or oil to a pan. remove sandwich for custard, holding over baking dish for a few seconds so the excess drips off.
5. place sandwich in the pan and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side till it is golden brown- keep a close eye so it doesn’t burn! 
6. eat right away while it’s warm:) add more bananas, maple syrup or on top, or just eat it the way it is!


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