|| red, white & blue popsicles ||

don’t have popsicle molds… who cares, neither do I! dixie cups are where it’s at!! 

coconut milk
shredded coconut

1. blend fresh blueberries in a blender till liquidy- you may want to add a bit of water to thin it out. fill cup about 1/3 and freeze for an hour. 
2. remove from freezer and insert popsicle stick part way into frozen blueberries. 

3. mix together coconut milk and a dash of vanilla and pour a layer into cup. depending on how many striped you would like will depend on how much you pour into your cup. freeze for another hour. 
4. blend strawberries till liquidy- again you may want to add a bit of water. pour another layer on top of frozen coconut milk and freeze 

5. pour, freeze, repeat steps till cup is full. 
6. once cup is full freeze till firm. 
7. when you are ready to eat run cup under some warm water and peel away cup!

add sweetener to each blended layer if you would like, I added a bit of agave
** could also add shredded coconut to coconut milk layer



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