|| burger & ‘fries’||

ba da bum bum bum, i’m lovin it!

angus hamburger patty
sweet potato
coconut oil
himalayan pink salt
garlic- minced
lime juice

green beans
olive oil
dehydrated onion flakes
sea salt
garlic powder

1. pre heat over to 375f
2. cut thick slices of a sweet potato, brush with coconut oil and sprinkle some pink salt on top
3. bake for about 30 mins
4. while ‘bun’ is in the oven toss green beans with olive oil, dehydrated onion flakes, sea salt & garlic powder. when there is 20 min left for the ‘bun’ placed the green beans in the oven – they will need to cook for 20 mins
5.mash avocado with minced garlic, lime juice, sea salt & pepper
6. once bun is slightly golden brown remove from oven- add hamburger patty, guacamole, and what ever toppings you would like (i added tomato & spinach)
 & that’s how it’s done!



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