||coconut milk jello gigglers||

these are the perfect snack, breakfast or sweet treat! not only are these jello gigglers super tasty… gelatine is basically a super food!
1. loaded with protein
2. improves digestion
3. help heal food allergies and intolerances by healing the lining of your stomach & digestive track
4. good for bone & joint health
5. helps your body release toxins
6. gives you better hair, nails & teeth
7. improves elasticity of your skin
8. helps speed up wound healing
9. improve your quality of sleep
10. thought to boost metabolism and helps to keep you full… you can’t tell me this stuff isn’t amazing!

1 cup coconut milk
1.5 tbsp. GoBIO organic gelatin

1. heat coconut milk on the stove
2. once liquid it hot (do not let it boil!) add gelatine and stir rapidly until gelatine is dissolved
3. pour liquid into a pan and refrigerate for a couple of hours or until firm

*you can eat jello plain, add fruit, drizzle lemon or lime juice on top or even a bit of honey or any other type of sweetener 




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