|| chipotle twice baked sweet potatoes ||

…or cilantro stuff! can you tell i’m a bit obsessed?! i didn’t measure the mixs ins (sorry!), add as much of the ingredients as you would like

sweet potato
shredded chicken
chopped spinach
chopped cilantro (extra for on top)
lime juice
mince chipotle pepper
mince garlic clove

1. roast your sweet potato for about 45 minutes at 400f
2. remove from the oven, scoop out most of the sweet potato into a bowl and add chopped spinach, shredded chicken, cumin, some of a minced chipotle pepper, minced garlic,lime juice & chopped cilantro
3. scoop sweet potato mixture back into potato skin & top with shredded mozzeralla cheese if desired
4. bake for another 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and a bit browned
5. remove from oven and pile on more cilantro!



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