|| cinco de mayo ||

costa vida  

they opened a costa vida up in royal oak today & the first 75 people in line got a platinum ticket aka one free meal per week for a year!!! boooooya. i got the sweet pork sans tortilla & rice. mmm the pork salad is my fav!! actually i haven’t tried too many things at costa vida because i just love this salad soo much! now is the time to switch it up and try a new meal every week! even if you didn’t get the free meal ticket- got check out the new location and enjoy a delicous fresh mexican meal for cinco de mayo! cause why not celebrate any chance you get?!

* they do have a gluten free menu at costa vida! tbh…i haven’t taken a look at it- but i know you can get a corn tortilla and the rice should be fine. i am still avoiding grains, at least for the time being- mostly because i am nervous to start introducing them as i am been feeling pretty great since cutting them out! i do know that some grains are very nutritious good for you and its just about eating a balanced diet! i will start introducing them slowly or eat them on special occasions 🙂 



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