|| banana pancakes ||

i got stacks like the international house of pancakes…..finally!! i was totally craving pancakes this morning and when i went to the fridge…i was out of eggs! so i tried using a flax egg…fail! scratch the vegan pancakes. then i tried adding some fine oats…still too sticky! scratch the paleo pancakes. i was determined so i ran out to get an egg! that egg sure did the trick and i got to enjoy a delicious saturday morning pancake breaky topped off with strawberries, greet yogurt, peanut butter & maple syrup! but im sorry i can’t really give you an exact recipe because i kept having to modify this mess haha but i will give you my best guess! happy saturday! 🙂

1 mashed banana
1 flax egg ( tbsp ground flax seed, 3 tbsp water)
1 egg
lots of cinnamon
cocoa powder
splash of vanilla 
greek yogurt
peanut butter
maple syrup
fresh strawberries

or whatever toppings you would like!



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