|| lemme take a selfie ||


1. i have had digestive issues for years. i discovered i am wheat intolerant about 1.5 years ago and since going gluten free it has been much better! i am also lactose intolerant.. but dairy is one thing that is super hard for me to cut out so I sometimes cheat on that one 

2. i am a dental assistant & hygiene coordinator 

3. i am a perfume hoarder, seriously obsessed- why does it have to be so dang expensive! 

4. i looove to run... but haven't been able to for almost a year because i have 2 herniated disks 😦 

5. i love doing diy projects & refinishing furniture! 

6. i like even numbers.. hence why I didn't stop at 5- my guilty pleasure is the bachelor/ bachelorette and i can't wait for the new season to start!

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