|| dinner deluxe ||

i had a bunch of random food in my fridge i needed to use up, and this is what i came up with! i will definitely make this again:)

5 large handfuls of kale
5 large handfuls of spinach
red pepper flakes
1 minced garlic clove
chopped walnuts
coconut ghee (clarified butter)
sea salt
balsamic vinegar
1 zucchini
1 tin garbanzo beans ( chickpeas)
1.5 tsp sriracha (depending on how spicy you like)
1 tsp honey

*i’m not actually quite sure the amounts i used so i am just guessing…

1. pre- heat oven to 350f
heat coconut ghee in pan & sauté garlic. add spinach & kale. sprinkle red pepper flakes, chopped walnuts & sea salt. at the end splash some balsamic vinegar on top and let it cook for a couple more minutes.
2. fry zucchini & pineapple in pan with a bit of coconut ghee
3. rinse and drain garbanzo beans. cover with sriracha & honey and bake for 20 mins. flip chickpeas half way through so they bake evenly (i cooked the whole can so I would have left overs to snack on:) )



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