|| beet chips ||

i got a dehydrator for christmas this last year and its the best! i got the excalibur- which i would highly recommend. mine has 4 trays but there are bigger sizes with more trays as well.  i haven’t tried much yet- but there are so many things you can dehydrate! you can even dehydrate yogurt- who knew?! i was looking for a healthy alternative to chips and decided to try to dehydrate beets! and they definitely do they job when you are craving something salty! i really enjoy them! next time i want to try to spice them up with a bunch of different spice. sweet potatoes would also work really well!

olive oil
sea salt

1. slice beets as thin as you can- the thinner they are the quicker you can eat them. don’t expect these to be done quickly- i just mean if they are thinner they might take a couple hours less;)
2. toss in olive oil & sea salt
3. place in dehydrator at 125f. i left mine in for about 26 hours.
4. depending on how crunchy you want them, if you can drop them on the counter and they make a little hollow clicking noise, that’s how i like to eat mine!



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